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Outer thread cylinders

Thrust or traction locking cylinders, outer thread, single-actions or dual-actions

Smooth clearance bore cylinders – threaded outside

Thrust locking cylinders, outer thread, Smooth or threaded clearance bore, single-actions or dual-actions.

Compact cylinders

Thrust locking cylinder, compact shape, front and side fastening holes, single-actions or dual-actions

90° Rotary bracket cylinders

90° Rotary bracket locking cylinders, dual and single-action.

Cup spring locking cylinder

Cup spring locking cylinder single-action, hydraulic release

Short stroke hydraulic cylinders

Compact hydraulic cylinder, in alluminium or steel, dual-action

Cartridge shape cylinders, locking tablets, mould bolsters

Cylinders without chamber, single acting, very small dimensions, working in thrust. Locking tablets for truck and slide locking. Mould bolsters by spheres to position moulds and/or systems on machine.


Support bases, ring nuts, test prods, distribution boxes and sequency valves

Distribution boxes and Sequency valves

 Distribution boxes and Sequency valves